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Bioheist: The HellFlesh Heist

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Story-focused mechanics and an intuitive D6 system for fast, deep, immersive storytelling.


Titans: Titanic Tabletop Roleplay

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Titans is a one-page tabletop storytelling game about massive monsters ruling the land.


100 Fantasy Character VTT Tokens


Each token is 280x280 pixels wide and in JPG and PNG format.


Undersea Sourcebook: Water Magic

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Spells and magical items for your ocean campaign.


Mayas & Dragons

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Isekai-ed into a world of magic, it's up to you to defeat the Dark Realm Magic.



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An alternate class for the Bard.


Aurora's Whole Realms Spring Catalogue

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Welcome to the greatest shop in the multiverse and Aurora's Spring Catalogue!


Hello, My Name is Death

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Poker-based roleplaying that uses betting for souls to influence the ultimate demise of hapless humans.


Madness Cards (PFRPG2e)

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As sanity slips away, draw Madness Cards to decide your character's mental affliction.


Phoenixes of the Realms

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Includes 7 phoenix subspecies, player options, and magical phoenix feathers.


Aurora's Whole Realms Christmas Catalogue

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Celebrating the festive day known in some crystal spheres as Christmas!


Undersea Sourcebook: Feats & Equipment

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Ocean themed feats & equipment for your D&D campaign.


Lightning Bruiser: Shocking Feral Brute Barbarian Path

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Gain control over lightning as the Lord of Electricity, with the Lightning Bruiser Barbarian Path for D&D.


Deadly Dancer: Flying Claw Bardic College

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Become a Claw Master and learn Acrobatic Maneuvers with the Flying Claw Bardic College for D&D .


Adventurer's Guide to Fey Magic

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An introductory guide featuring advice, treasure, charms, and other rewards for the FeyWild in D&D.


Genjutsu Master: Illusion Flinging Monastic Tradition

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Use your ki to cast illusion spells and fool your enemies with 22 Genjutsu Disciplines for the D&D monk.


Street Fighter: Combo Slinging Monastic Tradition

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String combos together with the Combo ability, or jump back into the fight with Round Two. For the D&D monk.


Aurora's Whole Realms Winter Catalogue

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Winter goods for your Forgotten Realms campaign.


Undersea Sourcebook: Mutants & Mariners

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Introducing the infamous pirate class, Privateer and Smuggler archetypes, College of Shanties, and the mutant race.


Undersea Sourcebook: Race & Class Guide

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New races, archetypes, and backgrounds for your D&D game.


Aurora's Whole Realms Autumn Catalogue

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We welcome you to Aurora's Autumn Catalogue!


Aurora's Whole Realms Summer Catalogue

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Welcome to Aurora's! We've got something for everyone. Come take a look!


Character Models I

Drive Thru RPGPaizo.comOpen Gaming

Three chibi models are provided, along with clothing for popular classes, so that you can represent your character.


Manual of Masks

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New mask-inspired player options, adventuring gear, and magical items for Dungeons & Dragons.


Player's Companion

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This essential volume is dedicated to the players of Dungeons & Dragons!


Wolf of Heaven - Lupus Caelorum

Paizo.comOpen Gaming

The Wolf of Heaven race detailed here is a potent reimagining of the werewolf presented in the standard fifth edition fantasy game and the SRD.


Mecha – A Field Guide

Drive Thru RPGPaizo.comOpen Gaming

Two mecha along with rules for operating, customising, and combat with these iron giants, all fully compatible with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game.


Contagion's Kiss

Drive Thru RPGPaizo.com

An adventure for a party of 4th level characters. Includes a full scale, printable poster sized map of the adventure.


Claustrophobia! – When Flamingos Attack

Drive Thru RPGPaizo.com

Things kick off for our garden gnome adventurers, setting them up for their first journey into the depths of the Earth.


Baleful Strix

Drive Thru RPGPaizo.com

A richly illustrated and comprehensive set of field notes dealing with a rare and deadly race of fiendish hunters.


Phoenixes - A Field Guide

Drive Thru RPGPaizo.comOpen Gaming

Includes 7 phoenix subspecies, the phoenix guardian monk archetype and the Order of the Phoenix cavalier order.n


Griffins - A Field Guide

Drive Thru RPGPaizo.comOpen Gaming

Includes 6 griffin species, 2 archetypes and the Order of the Gryphon cavalier order in a beautifully illustrated book.


HeroGridz - Sewers - Core Set

Drive Thru RPG

1.5 inch grid tiles designed for clix miniature games. Each tile features unique front and back artwork!


NPC Strategy Cards

Drive Thru RPGPaizo.com

These handy strategy cards help you quickly create strategy references to run monsters and NPCs.

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